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2 million emergency grant to help S.S. Badger dock

The Brillion News

Governor Scott Walker approved a $2 million emergency grant for repairs needed at the S.S. Badger landing at the Manitowoc dock as a result of damage from last winter.

Temporary repairs served for this year’s operating season but a long-term repair is needed for safe and reliable ferry docking and berthing. The dock is owned by the city of Manitowoc and the S.S. Badger leases the space.

The cost of the full project is expected to be $3 million.

The S.S. Badger is one of the state’s six ferry services. This National Historic Landmark provides four-hour passage between Manitowoc and Ludington, Michigan. It can accommodate passengers, autos, recreational vehicles, tour buses, motorcycles, bicycles, and commercial trucks.

The Badger contributes $35 million each year to the economies of the port cities of Ludington and Manitowoc.


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