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A message from Cobblestone Creek Dining and Banquet

Cobblestone will be open for pick up:

Wednesday 11a - 1p; 4:30p - 7p

Thursday 11a - 1p; 4:30p - 7p

Friday 11a - 1p; 4:00p - 7p

Saturday 4:30p - 7p

Sunday 4p - 7p

Closing time may be earlier, determined by demand

Free delivery to local business over the lunch hour

Pickup available under our covered overhang

Friday night drive through option: $10 Haddock and Perch plates available for drive through purchase (no preorder needed).   Full menu available for pick up with call ahead orders.

Sunday night drive through option: 2pc chicken dinner $7, 4pc chicken dinner $9 available for drive through purchase (includes mashed potatoes & gravy, corn and dinner roll - no preorder needed).  Sunday night menu available for call ahead orders.



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