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Ariens Company ending some operations

June 6, 2023

By David Nordby

The Brillion News

BRILLION – Ariens Company is immediately ending some of its Brillion campus second, third and weekend shift operations.

“We are rebalancing our manufacturing workforce across our different locations and shifts to maximize production output,” the company said in a statement to The Brillion News on Tuesday morning.

Branded as AriensCo, the largest employer in Brillion said it is expanding its production output on its first shift.

“All impacted employees are encouraged to apply for these new positions as well as other positions currently available. We have roughly 100 positions open for impacted employees to consider,” the company said.

The statement said that no other changes are planned.

“We understand this rebalance directly affects employees and have provided paid time for them to apply for open roles. As a strong, family-owned company celebrating 90 years of business, AriensCo remains committed to supporting our employees, our hometown of Brillion, WI, and our customers around the world.”

The company declined further comment, but a person with knowledge told the newspaper that around 250 workers were informed late Monday about the changes.

“Obviously, this is massive news in our community. It will certainly impact the city's financial and future growth plans. However, today that is not my greatest concern. My thoughts are with the families who lost, in some cases, both incomes as a result of these layoffs. The city can cut programs and trim costs. Families still need food on the table. Our efforts should first be to unite around those members of our community who will be impacted the most by planning food drives or hosting job fairs with other local employers. We are a resilient community full of honest, hardworking people. We will get through this together,” Brillion Mayor Mike Smith told the paper.



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