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Brillion dress sale is this Sunday

Feb. 28, 2019

David Nordby The Brillion News

BRILLION – Prom night can be a memorable one in someone’s high school experience.

The dresses can also make it an expensive night. That’s why Cindy Hardy, a Brillion mom, took it into her own hands to help organize a dress sale hosted by Brillion High School this Sunday, March 3, from 1-4 p.m.

“I was shopping with my daughter and the two dresses she found were both $600. She knew I wasn’t spending that much, she didn’t want to spend that much and I just sat there thinking, ‘I could afford it, but I don’t want to afford that.’ It’s more than my wedding dress,” Hardy said.

Hardy thought about how difficult it is for girls to purchase a prom dress and go through all the accessories like having their nails done and shoes purchased.

“They either don’t go to prom then or they end up getting one that’s not right for them because it’s cheap,” Hardy said.

Gently used prom, homecoming and formal dresses will be on sale. Ten percent of the sales will be collected and gifted forward.

The event is open to other districts and Hardy just hopes that people show up to look for dresses. A dress drop-off took place earlier this week.

“I’m excited. I’m just nervous that we’re going to have lots of dresses, and I’m hoping we’re going to have lots of people,” Hardy said.

It will be up to the person selling the dress what it is priced at. At least nine schools in the area have broadcasted the event.

“I’m hoping I’m so overwhelmed that I don’t know what to do,” Hardy said.

The event came together quickly as Hardy knew prom was approaching. She brought the idea to Brillion High School Principal Peter Kittel who agreed the school would host the event.

The dress sale isn’t the only aspect of the event.

An anonymous junior girl from Brillion High School will be sponsored from area businesses and donators. The selected girl will pick out a dress of her choosing prior to the event. Her hair and makeup will be done for free and Brilliont Blooms will provide a corsage.

“I think every girl should be able to go to her junior prom, or her prom, whatever the school has,” Hardy said.

This story was featured in the Feb. 28, 2019 print edition of The Brillion News. 

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1 Comment

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