Brillion leaders gather, try to forge unified city plan

The Brillion News

BRILLION – With both the current status and future development of Brillion being a hot-button topic these days among some in the city, a desire to turn voices into action resulted in a special meeting last Monday.

On March 9, a joint meeting of the City Council, Plan Commission and Redevelopment Authority took place. In all, about 20 key decision makers from Brillion were present, including members of various planning groups and representatives from local businesses, the community center, the library and more.

The meeting, in part, was due to a recent wave of controversy surrounding the city’s perceived mindset on downtown development.

Mayor Gary Deiter called the meeting to order and said it was now time to move forward together, and said the last time a City Plan was done was in 1979.

He stated it is good for the City to have these group meeting periodically to form one nucleus and work off of that, and it was time to do something like this again.

Community Development Director Cheryl Welch facilitated the March 9 meeting.

She had those in attendance work in groups and asked each group to come up with three to five considerations on what their vision of the City of Brillion would be.

Several downtown business owners were among those in these groups.

After discussions, each group then shared their considerations with those in attendance. Some considerations noted were good streets, quality services, promotion of being in the City of Brillion, Brillion Community Center enhancement, family restaurant, pedestrian friendly, facade improvements, connecting the downtown area with the Hwy. 10 area, unique shops, clean, thriving, small town feel to the community, and relaxing. Other business ideas and amenities were suggested as well.

Welch then had those individuals in attendance work in groups to create goals and objectives, action steps, and a timeline on topics that included residential development, industrial development, commercial development and more.

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