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Brillion School Board to vote on bus stop

August 2, 2018

By David Nordby The Brillion News

BRILLION – The Brillion School Board will revote on a potential bus stop during the August monthly meeting.

Megan Jacques, who operates the in-home state-licensed daycare program Jacques Family Daycare, has requested the bus pick up.

The school board previously voted on the bus stop in June. The motion failed after a 3-3 tie vote. Casey Wittman was approved that same meeting to fill the vacant seventh spot on the board, which helped lead to the revote now that the board is back to seven members.

“It’s not a cost for the community, it’s not hurting anybody. It’s a service that’s out there that the bus company says they’re going to do it,” Jacques told the board during the July meeting. “They’re willing to do it and I don’t know why it’s just not being approved.”

The district currently has busses operating for students outside of city limits with a few exceptions, north of Highway 10 and on Ridgeway Drive because those are considered hazardous areas without sidewalks for students inside of Brillion.

There is also a pickup at Circle of Friends for around 15-20 students. Brillion School Superintendent Dominick Madison told The Brillion News that the decision to have a pick up at Circle of Friends went into effect when the facility opened in Brillion and predates his term as superintendent.

The vote about the pick up has spurred conversations about the need for daycare in general in Brillion. Community members, including Sarah Pielhop, attended the July meeting and spoke how difficult daycare providers are to find and how more daycare services with bus stops for the school can lead to increased student numbers for the district.

School board members alluded to the idea of the school looking into offering their own services too. The district had previously investigated bus stops for in-home providers, so the issue isn’t a new one.

Madison says that he initially thought that the bus stop at Jacques was feasible.

Please see the complete story in the August 2, 2018 edition of The Brillion News. 



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