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Burglaries rise, sheriff issues warning

Posted at 5:20 p.m. on November 30, 2017

The Brillion News

GREEN BAY – The Brown County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating several burglaries that have occurred in the northwest part of Brown County in the past two weeks.

Chief Deputy Todd DeLain is asking residents to be vigilant in watching their neighborhoods and to not hesitate before reporting any suspicious activity to law enforcement.

“We are looking into seven residential daytime and three non-residential overnight burglaries,” DeLain said.

The three non-residential overnight burglaries occurred in the Village of Suamico between November 16 and 18. The seven residential daytime burglaries have all occurred since November 18 and have occurred in the Town of Pittsfield, and Villages of Suamico, Howard and Hobart.

Many of the burglaries have been by forced entry.  The daytime burglaries are similar to burglaries reported in other counties outside of Brown County.

“We believe that the seven daytime residential burglaries are likely related [to one another],” DeLain said. “We believe that the three overnight burglaries are related, however at this time we do not know if the residential daytime and non-residential overnight burglaries are connected.”

During the three non-residential burglaries, equipment such as a generator, power washer, power saws and other tools were stolen.  The items stolen would not have been easily taken from the scene.

The seven residential daytime burglaries were being committed quickly.  In one incident the victims were away from the residence less than one hour.  The items taken were small valuables which are easily carried away, such as currency and jewelry.

Based on past daytime burglary investigation, investigators believe that the suspects case an area waiting for victims to leave and may attempt contact at a residence by knocking on the door prior to forcing entry.  If another person is still home and answers the door, they will likely provide an excuse for the contact.

“We are asking the community to pay attention to activity in their neighborhoods.  If you observe suspicious activity or something out of place in your neighborhood, we are encouraging you to call your local law enforcement agency,” DeLain said.

Suspicious activity includes people or vehicles not previously seen in a neighborhood and with no apparent reason to be there.  If you believe a crime is in progress, dial “911” immediately.

As it relates to the burglaries in Brown County, the sheriff’s department has established a tipline of 920-448-4213.  Callers may also remain anonymous by contacting the Green Bay Area CrimeStoppers at 920-432-STOP.



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