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Chilton man arrested in High Cliff case

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

The Brillion News

April 22, 2022

Updated: April 25, 2022

CHILTON – John C. Andrews of Chilton, was arrested last week and faces a felony charge for hiding a corpse at High Cliff State Park, nearly 40 years after the disappearance of Starkie L. Swenson.

Andrews, 82, served two years in jail after he accepted a plea bargain in 1994 for homicide by the negligent use of a vehicle for the killing of Starkie Swenson in 1983, after initially being charged with first-degree murder.

Swenson was first reported missing by his daughter on Aug. 15, 1983, when he was 67-years old. He was run down while riding a bicycle.

Despite Andrews’ homicide charge, Swenson’s whereabouts were unknown until his body was discovered by two hikers on September 29, 2021, at High Cliff State Park. Authorities announced Swenson’s identity in December.

According to the criminal complaint, the offense of Andrews’ hiding a corpse took place between June 7, 2021 and Sept. 28, 2021.



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