COMMENTARY: ‘Walker for President’ needs clarity


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Commentary by Ed Byrne

I watched and listened to a couple of the Sunday political talk shows, including Meet The Press, the granddaddy of them all.

There were comments about Gov. Scott Walker’s presidential stock being pretty high, at least among conservatives.

There are a lot of people – Democrats and others – who like to bash Walker for Act 10 and other conservative initiatives.

But at least he accomplished something instead of just talking about it. We have far too many politicians who say what they think people want to hear, but once in office find ways to excuse themselves for doing nothing.

Democrats may dislike Walker, but they should be happy that he’s a “what you see is what you get” political opponent.

As much as Walker may be portraying himself as a great conservative politician, he’s also somewhat naïve. That showed early in his first term when he was tricked into thinking he was talking with one of the Koch Brothers, the conservative millionaires who like to stay in the shadows while pulling strings for conservative politics.

Then, this year, Walker said he could stand up to Islamic terrorists because he had stood up to the labor unions in Wisconsin. That was an amateur’s comparison.

Both of those events showed that Walker isn’t all that savvy as a politician. However, I consider that as a plus.

I‘m tired of savvy politicians – including those who think anyone whose last name is “Bush” or “Clinton” should become president. I thought we broke ties with England to get rid of royalty and genetic succession.

Walker is currently getting blasted for not being a college graduate, for dropping out short of getting a degree. Ironically, many of the people who find that a fatal flaw in Walker are the same folks who champion the cause of the working man – who’s never even gone to college.

They seem to speak with a forked tongue. You can’t have it both ways.

One area where I do fault Walker is his obvious undeclared presidential candidacy and its effect on his role as governor. The idea of a 10-man force of the Wisconsin State Patrol providing him with bodyguard services everywhere as he runs around the country (and overseas as well) at Wisconsin taxpayer expense doesn’t sit well with me.

The Koch Brothers, or someone like them, need to be paying for that.

In fact, I’d take things a step further. If someone in office is seeking any other office, he should take a leave of absence from his current elected position.

I’d welcome seeing how Rebecca Kleefisch does as acting governor. It would clean things up, politically speaking.