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Drugs, fasteners and the homeless … in this week’s Brillion News

Posted at 10:35 a.m. on December 13, 2018

Coming in this week’s print edition of THE BRILLION NEWS … available today at retailers near you (including convenience stores in Reedsville, Brillion, Greenleaf, Wrightstown, Hilbert, Forest Junction and Hollandtown):

DRUGS … Arrests are up in Wrightstown  as police work hard to prevent deaths by stopping heroin in its tracks.

CUTTING EDGE … It was more than “shear luck” that a Brillion beauty salon marks a quarter century in business.

SOLD … What do a Whopper and Endries fasteners have in common?  Endries International is sold, but the new owner is a company interested in long-term investments and in growing the companies it owns – one of which is Burger King.

HOMELESS … The state has a new strategy to help homeless people find a better place in life. But what about the homeless in small towns where there are fewer resources? We look at Brillion and Wrightstown in particular.

Other stories this week include: Pesticides and pollinators; DNR talks about wolf and fox numbers; Hilbert puts subdivision on fast track; Big days for Brillion wrestlers; Wrightstown boys take down ranked basketball powerhouse.

PLUS the weekly crossword puzzle and Kevin Clarke’s WALKER & CANE cartoon.



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