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Evers issues new mask orders; fight could be coming

The Brillion News

MADISON — Governor Tony Evers on Tuesday, September 22, declared a new public health emergency in Wisconsin due to recent surge in cases among young people and issued a new face coverings order effective immediately, Executive Order #90.

It and Executive order #1, the governor's office said, are effective immediately and will expire after 60 days or with a subsequent superseding order.

The governor previously declared a public health emergency under Executive Order #82, which remains in effect.

“We continue to learn more about this virus, but what we do know is that we are facing a new and dangerous phase of the COVID-19 pandemic here in Wisconsin,” said Evers. “We are seeing an alarming increase in cases across our state, especially on campus. We need folks to start taking this seriously, and young people especially—please stay home as much as you are able, skip heading to the bars, and wear a mask whenever you go out. We need your help to stop the spread of this virus, and we all have to do this together.”

State Rerpresentaitve Cody Horlacher, R-Mukwonago, said Evers "doubled down on another one of his unconstitutional power grabs by extending the statewide mask mandate today."

Horlacher said the previouos mask mandate was useless.

"The last statewide mask mandate has been in place for 60 days and Wisconsin has continued a positive trend in cases," Horlacher said. "Simply put, the mask mandate does not work.

With Tuesday’s new face covering order, state residents ages five and older are required to wear a face covering when they are indoors or in an enclosed space with anyone who is outside of their household or living unit.

State Senator Van Wanggaard, R-Racine, said Evers is using flawed logic in issuing the order.

“According to Evers’ third COVID Emergency Order, Wisconsin’s COVID infection rate has decreased or remained flat for nearly every age group since early July, more than a month before his original mask order," Wanggaard said. "In addition, Wisconsin’s recent spike in COVID infections is almost entirely driven by 18-24 year olds on college campuses and has exclusively occurred while Evers’ mask mandate has been in effect."


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