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Fire hits Holsum Irish Road Dairy

The Brillion News

TOWN OF RANTOUL - A major fire hit a hay barn at the Holsum Irish Road Dairy, with the first dispatch to firefighters coming around 5 a.m. Thursday, September 24.

Within minutes, the Potter Fire Department had taken the alarm to the second level of mutual aid.

By 6:30 a.m. three fill sites for water had been established as firefighters needed more water trucks delivering to the scene than two fill sites could deliver.

Irish Road was turned into a freeway of fire tanker trucks ferrying water to the blaze on one of Calumet County's largest dairy farms.

The initial Mutual Aid Box Alarm drew help from Brillion and Chilton. Only a few minutes later, help was dispatched from the Hilbert, Forest Junction, Reedsville, Collins and Stockbridge fire departments. Other fire departments from a four county area joined the battle later.

Irish Road was closed south of Schneider Road.

An additional hurdle was the full closure of County PP from Irish Road east to the Village of Potter because of a bridge replacement west of Potter.

Ambulances from Gold Cross and Kiel were at the scene, along with Hilbert-Potter EMS First-Responders.

Command of the firefighting effort fell to the Potter Fire Department, which fought ot keep the large fire from spreading to other buildings on the mega-farm.


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