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Hilbert referendum approved

November 9, 2022

By David Nordby

The Brillion News

HILBERT - Hilbert School District voters approved the school's referendum during Tuesday's election.

Sixty percent of voters voted yes on the $8.27 million project that will upgrade multiple parts of the school building, including a revamping of the the technology education area.

"I just want to thank the community for their continued support of the school. This project will benefit every student in our school," Hilbert Superintendent Tony Sweere told the newspaper.

The school's ability to exceed the revenue cap on a recurring basis by $200,000 was approved by a smaller margin than the actual project.

These are the unofficial numbers until the Board of Canvassers meets on Wednesday night.

Question 1: General Obligation Bonds for $8.27 million:

Yes: 880

No: 582

Question 2: Exceed the revenue cap on a recurring basis by $200,000:

Yes: 799

No: 636.



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