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Life-saving gift unites nurse and boy

June 20, 2019

By Ed Byrne

The Brillion News

MILWAUKEE – It’s possible to be too dramatic and say stuff like “a life-saving gift,” but in the case of Cami Loritz and Brayden Auten, it’s the truth.

Loritz, who grew up in Denmark, Wisconsin, began her nursing career after graduating from Winona State University, in Minnesota, in 2017.

When she was job hunting, Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee was looking for a nurse in its transplant unit.

“Just a few months before that, my dad had donated a kidney to his brother, so the whole transplant situation was really fresh on my mind and in my heart. It was such an inspiring experience to be apart of,” Loritz said.

She applied for the position, and was hired as a registered nurse in Froedtert’s transplant intensive care unit. She has worked there ever since and “really enjoys working with her patient population” Loritz said.

Loritz is 24-years old and lives in Milwaukee. Her parents and family are in Denmark.

This spring, Auten was busy being himself – a seven year old boy, a second grade student at Wrightstown Elementary School.

Even before Auten’s situation was known, Loritz had decided she wanted to consider being a living organ donor. She was tested and cleared.

“I was getting set up to donate to a child on the transplant list, but then Brayden’s situation came up, which was acute liver failure that had to be treated immediately,” Loritz said. “They called me in and said I was a match for him too, and asked if I would be willing to donate that week instead of waiting.”

Loritz had never met Auten or his family before the partial liver transplant took place.

A week after the transplant took place, Loritz got to meet the Auten family.

Please see the compete story in the June 20, 2019 edition of The Brillion News.


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