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Mystery: Positive COVID case numbers plummet

By Benjamin Yount

Center Square News Service

MADISON - The state Department of Health Services on Wednesday, July 22, reported 14,068 negative tests. That is the most ever reported in one day. DHS's positive test count for Wednesday was 712.

Tuesday's coronavirus report showed 1,117 positive tests, the most ever for a single day since Wisconsin started testing back in March. 

Overall, Wisconsin's daily positive-test rate fell on Wednesday, down 4.8 percent. 

Wisconsin's coronavirus numbers have been trending up for the past few weeks.

The state has confirmed 44,847 positive tests since March 15. Of those people, DHS says 34,682 have recovered. Another 865 died with the virus, and another 9,285 are still in the two-week recovery window. 

DHS said 764,630 people have tested negative for the virus. That leaves Wisconsin's overall-positive-test rate at just over 5.5 percent. 

The number of people reported in the hospital because of the coronavirus also fell sharply in Wednesday's latest coronavirus count.

DHS on July 22 reported 167 people are being treated for the virus, and 63 people are in an intensive care unit. Earlier in the week, DHS said there were more than 300 people in the hospital.

No one is offering an explanation for the steep drop. 


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