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New filing links 2 others to Halbach murder

Posted at 10 a.m. on November 2, 2017

The Brillion News

MANITOWOC – In new papers filed on November 1 in Manitowoc County Circuit Court, attorneys for Steven Avery present information they say connect Bobby Dassey and Scott Tadych to the murder of Teresa Halbach.

Attorney Kathleen Zellner is asking the court to vacate Avery’s conviction and order a new trial. She said new information shows that Teresa Halbach was alive when she left the Avery compound near Mishicot, and was killed later.  Zellner also says a new witness can show that Halbach’s day planner calendar was in her vehicle at the time of her murder, but was in possession of her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Hillegas, after her murder.

Zellner also claims that the prosecution knowingly used false testimony by Bobby Dassey and Ryan Hillegas at Avery’s trial. She is asking the court for a new hearing to assess the new evidence she claims to have.

In the November 1 filing, Zellner said that the discovery of Halbach’s remains in the Dassey burn barrel is undisputed.

“[T]here is a reasonable probability that had the evidence cited herein … been presented to the jury, a different result would be reached at trial, and the jury would have found reasonable doubt of Mr. Avery’s guilt,” Zellner concludes.

A complete story on Zellner’s efforts to secure a new trial for Avery will run in the November 9 print edition of THE BRILLION NEWS.



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