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OBITUARY: William C. Bartz

Bill Bartz, son of John and Catherine (Mulhaney) Bartz of Chicago, Ill., passed away at St. Joseph Hospital in Chicago, Ill., on September 11, 2019.

Bill was born in Brillion on April 10, 1922. His family owned and operated the Bartz Brothers/Brillion Bottling Works in Brillion. He graduated from Brillion High School in 1940.

He was inducted into the US Army at Fort Sheridan on November 13, 1943. Bill joined the 328th Infantry of the Yankee Division in the European Theatre in August 1944. He received two Bronze Stars and the Combat Infantry Badge (CIB) during his time in the line. His primary weapon was the Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR). In November 1944, Bill was removed from combat due to trench foot and was sent to England and then to the States to recover.

After discharge from the service, Bill went to school at DePaul University in Chicago to study accounting. He stayed in Chicago and worked in various food industries within Chicago until his retirement. Bill retired early and went back to school to study art. This was a lifelong passion of Bill’s and he enjoyed the activity in adulthood as he had when a student in high school. Bill was an avid reader covering a wide range of subjects. He loved to discuss most any topic including politics. One could easily say he was a wide ranging conversationalist, besides his opinions. Many of his books were passed on to his family members. His collection of books and music was extensive.

Bill was preceded in death by his parents; his siblings: Monica Jensen, Beatrice Wordell, Veronica Cavanaugh, Charles Bartz, John Bartz, Richard Bartz; and several nephews and nieces. He is survived by his longtime companion, Rita Blumstein; as well as numerous nephews and nieces. Bill is missed by all who knew him.


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