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Outagamie County Fair will be skeleton event

The Brillion News

SEYMOUR - The Outagamie County Fair will be held this year, but it will be barebones and back to the basics, according to information release on Tuesday, June 9.

The Outagamie County Fair Board said it made the difficult decision to cancel the majority of the 2020 Fair to be held July 22-26.

The ongoing COVID-19 situation has impacted each and every aspect of the fair, the fair association said.

The fair board said there would not be a carnival, midway activities, open class exhibits, vendors, or junior fair non-animal exhibits.

"We are still working through alternate opportunities for our Junior Fair animal exhibitors. We are also planning to offer weekend motorsports events in the grandstand. Those details will be released as soon as we have a plan in place," the board said in a Facebook post.

The official press release can be found at: "We thank you for understanding that this was probably one of the most difficult decisions ever faced by the Outagamie County Fair Association," the post said. "We look forward to offering a full 2021 Outagamie County Fair ... [and] will work hard to make the 2021 Fair one to remember.

The decision drew quick and harsh criticism on Facebook comments.

"What a slap in the face to the kids and families who have invested a lot of time and money in the projects," one Town of Buchanan woman wrote.

Another person said that some of the groups that normally work the fair were reluctant to do so this year, forcing the fair board's hand.

So far, the Brown County Fair and the Calumet County Fair have not cancelled, but they are at the mercy of state and county officials.

The Outagamie County Fair Association owns its fairgrounds. Most other fairs take place on county property.


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