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Postage due: 54180 is scene of postal fiasco

Posted at 12:30 p.m. on March 3, 2021

The Brillion News

This is an online preview of a detailed story that will appear in the March 11 print edition of THE BRILLION NEWS

WRIGHTSTOWN – There is no more U.S. Post Office in the Village of Wrightstown, despite the best efforts of the village government to get postal officials to do their jobs effectively.

That was the message the Wrightstown Village Board received by special delivery from Village Administrator Travis Coenen on Tuesday, March 2.

The post office had been renting storefront space in a building at the corner of Cedar and Main Streets for several decades, but the property was purchased in 2017 by a development firm that intends to tear it down and redevelop the property.

In 2017, Coenen began warning postal officials that they needed to look for a new a location.

That’s when the buck-passing began. The Postal Service did nothing and when the post office was evicted on March 1, postal customers were told to go to Greenleaf, six miles away, to get their mail.

At the village board meeting, Coenen got the OK to send a letter of complaint and criticism to the postmaster general and to the state’s congressional delegation.

The letter will outline all of the communications Coenen had with postal officials, and how they did or didn’t respond.

“It’s ridiculous that the process works like this – and there’s no response and no accountability,” Coenen said. “There’s no reason, after being notified three years ago, that they couldn’t move on this.”

If you are a customer affected by the post office's closing in Wrightstown and wish to have your feelings expressed in our story about this issue, please e-mail


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