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Reedsville alum is Two Rivers’ officer of the year

May 31, 2019

By David Nordby

The Brillion News

TWO RIVERS – When Two Rivers police officer and 2013 Reedsville High School valedictorian Briana Propson received a call from her chief, Joseph Collins, she wondered if she was in trouble.

Not in any trouble, Collins told Propson that she would be the recipient of the 2018 Two Rivers Officer of the Year award.

“When he told me the good news and I realized I was getting an award for officer of the year, I was pretty speechless actually,” Propson says now. “I didn’t really have any other words to tell him other than thanks.”

She received the award at an annual banquet last Saturday night.

“I just pretty much thanked everyone from my coworkers to my supervisors to my family to everyone else that I work with every day, not necessarily in the police department, but the fire department too,” Propson said.

Criteria for the award includes someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty for service, save lives or property through a heroic act and help the department in educational training or technological advancement. Propson checked all criteria.

“I’ve been recognized I guess by other citizens that have just called and said thank you for how I handled a call,” Propson said.

She helps in the advancement by working as a mentor for the Police Cadet Program, which teaches those aged 14-21 and interested in police work what it’s like.

“That was pretty exciting for me to teach them some of the skills they needed,” Propson said.

Lessons for the program include scenario-based training that eventually lead to a state competition. Propson’s team finished third in the state.

Last November she saved a life, too.

“Someone was overdosing on heroin. I actually had a trainee with me that day; I was training him. I had told him on the way there to get his Narcan ready so we could administer it when we got on scene,” Propson said.

The complete version of this story was published in the May 23, 2019 edition of The Brillion News. 


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