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Reedsville bridge project will happen this summer

February 15, 2018

By David Nordby The Brillion News

REEDSVILLE – The bridge on Fourth Street in Reedsville will be constructed about 50 feet north of the existing bridge this summer. The stream below will also be realigned.

Last Thursday, Ayers Associates Manager of Engineering Services Craig Schuh spoke to the village board about the project. Schuh has been assisting the village with the underground utility portion of the project since late 2017.

The existing water main is approximately six feet down from the existing roadway top at the new bridge location and has to be lowered before the construction of the new bridge. The village, who did put the project in its 2018 budget, does not have a lot of options.

A complete relocation of the water main was cost prohibitive for the village at over $100,000. The lowering of the water main at the new bridge location will cost closer to $50,000 and must be done before the new bridge is started.

“Where the existing bridge is now … it is being moved 50 feet to the north and the stream is being realigned, pushing both entities away from the school further,” Schuh said.

Please see the complete story in the February 15, 2018 edition of The Brillion News. 



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