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Robley gets five years in prison

January 11, 2017

The Brillion News

GREEN BAY – A 19-year old Wayside man will spend five years in prison and seven years on extended community supervision for killing two people in a traffic crash 18 months ago.

Devon Robley, a graduate of Reedsville High School, was convicted on two counts of homicide by negligent operation of a motor vehicle for the July 2016 crash and was sentenced last Friday in Brown County Circuit Court.

Robley’s truck ran the stop sign at Glenmore Road and Brown County X and struck the side of a sports utility vehicle.

The impact killed the passenger in the SUV, Laurie Shaha. One of the passengers in Robley’s truck, 16-year old Simon Hill, was thrown from the truck and died.

Relatives of Hill and Shaha testified in favor of a harsh sentence.

The case had been headed for trial on the original charges of homicide by intoxicated operation of a motor vehicle after Robley admitted to sheriff’s deputies at the scene that he had smoked marijuana earlier at nearby Fonferek County Park.

Defense attorney Dennis Melowski challenged the integrity of evidence from the state Laboratory of Hygiene, and a plea bargain was reached in October where Robley pled no contest to the reduced charge and Brown County Circuit Court Judge Marc Hammer found him guilty.

Attorney Melowski asked that Robley be given credit for over 500 days of incarceration time. While on bond, Robley was on a constant monitoring bracelet and was at home when he was not working at a Wayside dairy farm or going to school.

The bracelet monitoring firm, Lock and Load, reported no violations of his bond restrictions.



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