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Senator: November wolf hunt plan is bad idea

Posted at 12:30 p.m. on Friday, August 6, 2021

The Brillion News

MILWAUKEE – Wisconsin state Senator Tim Carpenter, D-Milwaukee, is criticizing the February 2021 wolf hunt, and its overkill, and opposes the planned November 2021 hunt as lacking data-based forethought as well.

Carpenter on August 5 released a statement in response to the state Department of Natural Resources’ plans to allow another wolf hunting season this coming November.

More than 218 gray wolves killed in the abbreviated three-day season in February

The court decision ordering the February hunt allowed for the total killing of 119 wolves, with another 81 reserved for Native American tribes.

[Photo of wolf pups >> ]

“We all know that in just those three days, the total reported number of wolves killed was 83 percent greater than allowed,” Carpenter said. “It was clear the [DNR] did not have adequate plans in place earlier this year, won’t have rules ready until 2022, and now we’re going to do the same thing?”

Carpenter said he is worried about the rush to sanction another hunting season for wolves when the Department of Natural Resources has yet to determine the actual extent of the damage done to the wolf population by the February 2021 hunt.

~ See complete story in the August 12 print edition of THE BRILLION NEWS.


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