Tickets on sale for Discovery a la Carte

Tickets are on sale now through May 6 for Discovery a la Carte dinner in the park, May 16 at Ledge View Nature Center. The event features great food, wine and beer, dessert with coffee, live bluegrass music, and silent auction.

What’s it all about? It’s about introducing excited kids to the novelty of 10 seconds of total silence and total darkness; watching them figure out how to get their body through a hole; hearing them laughing when they fall down on snowshoes, or their surprised delight when the sap of a sugar maple drops sweet on their tongue.

This is the internship at Ledge View Nature Center, Chilton. It’s fun, but it also provides a very valuable thing: on-the-job experience.

The internship is funded by the nonprofit Friends of Ledge View Nature Center, which is just another way of saying the position is funded by you, the community. Thanks to you, and to the donations of local restaurants and other businesses, funds raised by May 16’s Discovery a la Carte will go to the Friends of Ledge View’s endowment fund, to cover the cost of the paid internship (among other things).

Tax-deductible tickets are available from the nature center, W2348 Short Rd., or by phone ($40/individual, $75/couple, or $175/six). For more information, please contact the nature center, 849-7094.