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UPDATED: Manure spill cleanup continues in Greenleaf

Updated at noon on December 14, 2018

The Brillion News

GREENLEAF – A manure spill at a field on Bunker Hill Road, just north of State 96, resulted in 60,000 gallons of manure-contaminated water being cleaned up.

The spill happened on Thursday afternoon, December 13, in the Town of Wrightstown.

Waste haulers were called in to pump the contaminated water out of the field. Some of it got into ditches and an unnamed creek that is a part of the East River watershed.

The state Department of Natural Resources said the farm responsible is New Horizons Dairy, whose farmstead is located northwest of the Village of Wrightstown.

The spill happened on cropland the farm uses, located on the east side of Bunker Hill Road, between Fair Road and the hamlet of Greenleaf.

The DNR said that the owners of New Horizons Dairy incident followed proper protocols, notifying the DNR immediately, containing the spill as much as possible and beginning cleanup.

Fox Valley Septic Service was on the scene working cleanup, and town officials were also present late Thursday afternoon. The cleanup was still being done on Friday morning.

The DNR said manure-contaminated water runoff entered an unnamed stream along the east and south sides of the field and into a ditch on the north side of the field.

DNR staff is still determining the downstream impact of the spill. An estimate of the volume of runoff is not yet available, but it is estimated about 60,000 gallons of manure-contaminated water had been collected by vacuum trucks by nightfall on Thursday.

DNR will continue to work with the dairy owner to contain the spill. Updated information will be released by the DNR later.



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