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Village OK with 'front yard' camping and barbeques for Memorial Day weekend

The Brillion News

WRIGHTSTOWN - Dan Segerstrom, a Wrightstown village trustee, is hoping that the long Memorial Day weekend will be a chance for people to build community in their neighborhoods.

He asked the village board how they liked the idea of people camping and cooking out in their front yards this weekend - and the reception to the idea was good.

"I thought it would be something to do in lieu of our parks events," Segerstrom said. "Things have opened up a bit ... but I still think people are going to be sticking home a lot this weekend."

He suggested curbside visits, Facetime campfires, along with camping and cooking out in front yards.

The village's plans for several evening "Music in the Parks" concerts are on hold until the course of the COVID-19 pandemic is clearer.

Police Chief Greg Deike said his only concerns are that people stay off of the streets for safety's sake, and not have any open intoxicants on the streets. He said the village doesn't need block parties with a lot of alcohol.


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