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Welch resigns as RDA director

June 29, 2017

By David Nordby The Brillion News

BRILLION – It was formally announced at Monday night’s Brillion City Council meeting that Cheryl Welch resigned as director of the Brillion Redevelopment Authority Commission (RDA) on June 20.

Mary Kohrell is assisting the RDA with guidance to head in the right direction, RDA Chairperson Beth Wenzel stated on Monday night.

“She’s going to get us going in the direction that we need to,” Wenzel said. Wenzel also added that the RDA is not at a standstill, but is reorganizing.

Wenzel will not be working with the RDA on a volunteer basis to help fill her position, which is part of why Kohrell is helping. City Administrator Lori Gosz also mentioned on Monday that she has told Wenzel that she will not allow the RDA to fail in its current projects while a transition is made.

Wenzel, or another representative from the RDA, will continue to report to city council monthly until a new director is hired.



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