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Wrightstown to unveil draft ATV ordinance

Posted at 2 p.m. on September 21, 2021

The Brillion News

WRIGHTSTOWN - The Wrightstown Village Board will get its first look at a proposed ordinance that would allow golf cars, ATVs and UTVs to be operated legally on village streets.

The presentation of the draft ordinance is on the agenda for the Tuesday, September 21, village board meeting, scheduled for 6 p.m. at Village Hall.

The draft is fairly restrictive. Key parts include:

  • Posted speed limits apply

  • These vehicle must be drive at the far right of the street, with the flow of traffic, and in single file.

  • The vehicles must yield to all other vehicle traffic and to pedestrians

  • No open intoxicants are permitted on these vehicles, nor may alcoholic beverages be consumed.

  • "Cruising" a street or streets is banned, as are muffler modifications.

  • Permits are required for anyone to operate these vehicles within the village.

The ordinance bans the operation of golf cars or ATVs/UTVs on certain streets: County highways U, D, DD and ZZ; and most of Main Street and High Street. These are state and county trunk highways.

The agenda for the meeting does not permit the village board to take any action on the proposed ordinance.

It is up for discussion only at the September 21 meeting.

The meeting agenda includes a limited opportunity for citizens to speak.


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