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Our History

Otto Zander 1899

The Beginning of the Road

Otto Zander - 1899

Otto Zander first purchased the Brillion News for a mere $450. Otto, a school teacher and text book illustrator and fluent in German, was able to communicate in an effective manner with the readers of the paper, predominately German immigrants which created growth in circulation.




Elliot, Otto's son, joined the paper as the editor.

elliot and margaret zander 1944

Elliot and Margaret Take Over


After Otto passed away, Elliot, with his wife Margaret handling the business of the company, continued as publisher and editor.  Elliot used his gifted writing ability to continue the paper's growth. 

Image by Amador Loureiro

Noel joins the Brillion News


Elliot's son, Noel Zander, joined his father in the family business.  Noel became the sports writer for the newspaper and worked for the business on the Line-O-type machine, creating the lead type blocks used for printing at the time.

Image by Ali Moharami

Zane joins the Brillion News


Zane, Elliot's oldest son, joined Noel and Elliot after finishing college and a stint in the Army.


The Brillion News expands to become Zander Press Inc.


Elliot, Zane and Noel incorporated their printing company and became Zander Press Inc. Zane focused on expanding the commercial printing business.  Using his degree in education, Zane taught their growing number of employees the importance of continued education to ensure their company stayed in the forefront of what has become a highly technological business.

Darcy Beth Kris Zander

4th Generation


Today, Zander Press Inc. is owned and managed by Zane's daughters:  Elizabeth Wenzel, Darcy Zander-Feinauer and Kris Bastian.

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