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Did you know?

Newspaper Advertising Drives Action. 

According to a recent NAA study, 81% of adults took some form of action, such as clipping a coupon or visiting a store, after seeing a newspaper ad in the past 30 days, and more than half (53%) made an actual purchase because of it.  The study also revealed that newspapers ranked the highest (at 62%) as the most noted source people used to plan their shopping. Inserts scored very high, with 81% of respondents saying they took action in the past month after seeing an ad; and seven out of 10 respondents said they regularly seek out inserts.

Plain and simple - Newspaper advertising is still an extremely effective option! 


Display Ads

Mechanical Measurements:

The Brillion News and the Lake to Lake Shopper are formatted in a 6-column width by 15.5″ page height. Columns are 1-1/2″ wide with a .167″ column separation. Minimum display advertising space is 1 column by 1″. Height sizes increase by half-inch increments.


Pricing (as of 2022)  - Download ad size/price sheet here

$11.48 per column inch for the Lake to Lake Shopper (Free color in the Shopper )
$10.67 per column inch for The Brillion News
$16.59 per column inch for both publications, running in the same week.


Column Width Measurements:

1 col. = 1.5″

2 col. = 3″

3 col. = 4.75″

4 col. = 6.5″

5 col. = 8.125″

6 col. = 9.75″


Color Charge:

Full color* = 4-8” $20, 9-12” $30, 13-18” $42, 19-24” $47, 25-40” $58, 41-65” $65, 66-80” $75, 81-93” $90.
(The Shopper now has color included in the per column price. Color charges above are for The Brillion News or if you wanted a color ad in The Brillion News as part of the combo price.) *Color price plus per column inch charge


How To Calculate Your Display Ad Price:

Take the number of columns wide and multiply by height in inches. Take that total and multiply by $11.48 for a Shopper ad.
Example: 2 columns x 2 inches = 4        4 x $11.48 = $45.92.    Add color charge if applicable.

Download Advertising Form here - print, fill out and return to us.

Please include your name, ad size and phone number and date(s) you'd like the ad to be run. A proof will be sent to you along with pricing. Then call 920-756-2222 with your credit card number. We do not recommend that you ever email your credit card information to anyone. Please specify which newspaper you’d like your ad to appear in. If a newspaper is not specified, the ad will appear in the Lake to Lake Shopper only.


For more information or to submit an ad, contact Bailley.


Click here for the 2022 Advertising Rate Card


Classified Ads

* Lake to Lake Shopper only *


$6.00 first 10 words

25¢ each word thereafter

Add $1.00 for bolded text.

Add $2.00 for centering text.


Thursdays at noon. Deadlines subject to change when there are postal holidays.


Submit a Classified Ad


Please include your name and phone number and then call 920-756-2222 with your credit card number. We do not recommend that you ever email your credit card information to anyone.


For more information or to submit an ad, contact Bailley.



Flyers can be inserted for distribution with The Brillion News and the Lake to Lake Shopper.

The Lake to Lake Shopper can accommodate flyer distribution to either our full coverage area of over 8412 homes and businesses or can be specified by individual routes to target your best possible customers. Flyers must be no larger than 8.5″ x 11″ units with up to 8 tab pages and weigh 5 oz. or less.

Zander Press Inc. has the capabilities to produce flyers of all types. For more information on in-house printing, please contact Miranda.

Flyers must be in house no later than 10 am on Wednesday, one week prior to publication. Contact Kris Bastian at for more information or to schedule insertion.


Lake to Lake Shopper

•  $45/thousand for inserts printed by Zander Press Inc.

•  $50/thousand for pre-printed inserts


The Brillion News

•  $60/thousand

*Prices subject to change without notice.*

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