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Add markups and comments to drawings in a new command called Markup Assist. Document comments created in a drawing file or included in email attachments, such as standard text strings and comments, can be embedded in your drawings. Import comments into your drawings and edit them with a commenting tool.Adobe XD:Open your Photoshop document in Adobe XD. Design interactive diagrams and layouts quickly and easily, and edit them as you work. The design application includes a library of components, and you can design your design using a variety of different types of strokes. You can also import a website or other interactive content to use as a starting point for your design.You can also animate your symbols or motion paths by editing the underlying properties in the Property Bar. (video: 6:41 min.)Export your symbol to a Mac or file so you can publish, share and modify your design online.Interactive Symbol Library:The latest versions of AutoCAD and Adobe XD make it easy to create dynamic symbols with interactivity. The Interactive Symbol Library is a free tool that enables you to easily create and add interactive graphics to your drawings. The library contains a collection of ready-made symbols that you can apply to existing drawing elements or create new symbols.The symbols can be interactive and include animation. As a result, they can be published, shared and edited online.You can create your own symbols or select from the following categories:SwitchesVisibilityZoomLayoutTextMotionTilesDecorationsKeylinesNotesOnline CADD:Develop your ideas with speed, flexibility and efficiency in CADD applications. Some CADD applications now have advanced collaboration capabilities that work well for distributed teams. For example, you can send or share a drawing, annotate or review it in real time, and even export it to another application.AutoCAD LT:Improve the look of your model and reduce the time it takes to create designs.You can adjust the size of text, symbols and shapes to fit in and on your drawings. In addition, you can make model elements appear with a font style that’s consistent with the model space.You can also adjust your drawing scale.Add Xrefs to some elements so you can add model 2be273e24d

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