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Brillion City Community Drive will proceed despite COVID

Oct. 1, 2000

For The Brillion News

Each year as certain as the trees showcase their Autumn colors, and the geese start heading south, the Brillion City Community Drive has over 80 volunteers canvasing the streets, knocking on neighbors’ doors for a once a year collection for local, county, state and national charities. After 32 years and hundreds of block chairperson volunteers going door to door, the Brillion City Community Drive Board of Directors decided in the midst of the pandemic and for the safety of Brillion residents and block chairpersons they will need to approach the drive differently this year and not have block chairpersons. After little discussion, the board voted unanimously to continue with the fund drive this year, but the approach will need to be changed and despite the pandemic, the drive will go on.

The original goal of the BCCD was to eliminate the various envelopes and mailings being circulated in the Brillion community soliciting charitable funds. We believe we have accomplished that goal and continue to be able to give to local, county, state and national agencies in need showcasing the generosity of the residents, organizations, foundations and businesses in Brillion. Since the first drive in 1988, the BCCD has collected and distributed over one million dollars!

The simplicity of the BCCD is what makes it special. Each neighborhood had a “block chairperson” that went door to door requesting donations. Donors could designate a specific charity from the approved list or they could contribute to the general donation from which the BCCD board establishes the distribution of the donations. With a once a year fund drive, the donor can with one check assist 18 agencies which are: Alzheimer’s Association, American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association,

American Heart Association of WI, American Red Cross, Brillion Boy Scouts, Brillion Cub Scouts, Brillion Historical Society, Brillion Nature Center, Calumet County Home Health and Hospice, Cerebral Palsy, Cystic Fibrosis, Girl Scouts, Harbor House Domestic Abuse Programs, Make-A-Wish Foundation, New Hope Center, Outer Limits Youth Outreach Center and Grow Foundation-Expansion of Trail System.

This year, we will not have volunteers going door to door, the drive will go on, but Brillion residents can continue help the agencies as they have so generously done in the past. A flier will be hung on doors that lists the charities, our goal is $60 per household, or whatever you wish to donate. Residents can drop off donations at each of the area financials, Collins State Bank, State Bank of Chilton and Verve. A BCCD board member will collect them from the financial and mail receipts to the donor so please include your address. Residents can also mail donations to: BCCD, PO Box 15, Brillion, WI 54110. Checks can be made payable to BCCD.

Please feel free to contact a board member with any questions, Kim Buboltz, President, Don Mathiebe, Vice President, Mary Jo Krueger, Treasurer, Michelle Endries Selle, Secretary, Kerry Behnke, Tanya Boettcher and Beth Reinke.

This year, more than ever, the charities need your support, please consider this once a year donation.



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