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DNR suspends issuance of burning permits

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MADISON - Spring in Wisconsin has the highest fire risk with the No. 1 cause of wildfires being debris burning. Wildfires pose a serious threat to public safety, property and our natural resources. People cause over 98 percent of all wildfires in Wisconsin.

Due to the COVID-19 Safer at Home order, the state Department of Natural Resources is suspending all DNR burning permits until further notice.

All burning of debris in barrels, burning of debris piles on the ground, grass or wooded areas is prohibited at this time.

Most debris fires occur in the spring after the snow-cover melts and before vegetation greening. Spring is when people are outside doing yard clean-up and then choosing to burn leaves, brush and pine needles.

Burning permits are required in many parts of the state to conduct legal and responsible burning in the outdoors. Burning permits are also required by the Wisconsin DNR in DNR forest fire protection areas.

DNR burning permits do not apply within incorporated cities and villages. These municipalities oftentimes can and do create their own burning permit requirements. In addition, some townships may choose to be much more restrictive than state law and may not allow burning at any time.

Regardless of where anyone burns, they need to check with the local municipality for its regulations, even if they have obtained a DNR burning permit. Anyone not sure if their burn location falls within DNR forest fire protections, zoom-in to the location on the burning restrictions map at

Emergency responders and firefighters have an increased need to take pandemic precautions, so they remain available to continue to protect the public from wildfires and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

To report wildfires dial 911 immediately.


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