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McMahan places 12th at NYC marathon

November 10, 2016

The Brillion News

NEW YORK CITY – On her 40th birthday Hilbert born Dot McMahan finished 12th on Sunday in the TCS New York City Marathon U.S. Pro Field, which was the latest line on her long resume of running accomplishments.

The marathon in New York City was run by 100 elite runners, with Kenya’s Mary Keitany finishing first in 2:24:26. McMahan finished in 2:38:46. The United States was the most represented country, including eight of the top 12 finishers.

McMahan, formerly Bunnell, had strong performances in the Olympic Trials in 2008, 2012 and this year and was a champion in the USA 25k National Championship in 2013.

McMahon gave up a full time job and moved to Michigan with her husband in 2005, a move that McMahon described as a “huge risk” when she spoke with The Brillion News this past August. Eventually, McMahan was running over 100 miles a week during her training.

Though special to have the marathon on her birthday, McMahan embraced the milestone birthday and applies it to her training. “It’s not so much an age, it’s how much time you have put in the sport,” McMahan said in August. “We always talk about lifetime miles. I have a lot of lifetime miles in my body right now so I don’t need to run as high of mileage as I used to.”

McMahan had noted that she was considering entering masters running following her New York City marathon.

“I love seeing what I can get out of my body. No one can predict what you can get out of your body. No one can tell you you can or can’t do something. I think most people would surprise themselves with running.”


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