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New Brown County link will update COVID-19 case information

The Brillion News

GREEN BAY - The Brown County, De Pere and Oneida Nation Health Departments will be sharing daily updates for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in a new data "dashboard" format, in partnership with the City of Green Bay.

The link to this information can be found here: Identified as a ‘City of Green Bay Coronavirus Response’.

It includes a map of zip codes boundaries and the number of people in each zone who have tested positive for COVID-19.

“This data will provide a real-time snapshot of confirmed COVID-19 activity in Brown County,” said Anna Destree, Brown County Public Health Officer. “We fully expect the number of confirmed cases to increase in our community, we are urging everyone to continue to practice social distancing and stay home as much as possible in order to save lives.”

The dashboard will include information about confirmed cases, including: age, gender, location (by zip code), and total case count countywide. Additionally, state and global data will be available. Information is gathered from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) and through the Wisconsin Electronic Disease Surveillance System (WEDSS). This information will be updated daily at approximately 4pm.

“If you leave your home, you can assume you will come into contact with COVID-19,” said Debbie Armbruster, De Pere Health Officer. “When you stay home you decrease the likelihood of getting sick and reduce the risk of getting others getting sick. Everyone plays a role in keeping those must vulnerable safe and healthy in our community.”

Everyone in Brown County is asked to monitor themselves for symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath). Individuals developing these symptoms should isolate themselves as soon as possible, cover coughs and sneezes, practice thorough handwashing and stay home whenever possible.

“The more we practice social distancing, the more we keep our vulnerable friends, neighbors and loved ones well,” said Michelle Myers, Interim Public Health Officer for Oneida Nation Health Department. “This will also increase the ability of our healthcare systems and workers to continue to operate and care for those most in need.”


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