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Statewide mask order draws partisan response

The Brillion News

MADISON - The emergency order by Governor Tony Evers, which mandates people "masking up" from August 1 through most of September, drew a predictable partisan response.

Democrats generally supported it, and many Republicans opposed it.

"If Republicans overturn the governor's executive order, Wisconsiun businesses will continue to struggle, workers will face for unemployment and citizens will die unnecessarily because Republicans are more interested in politics than public health," State Senator Jeff Smith, D-Brunswick, said.

His statement was issued on July 31, but dated June 31, a date that does not exist.

State Representative Mary Felzkowski, R-Irma, said the governor's order may be appropriate for urban areas like Madison and Milwaukee, but is excessive for rural areas of the state.

"I'm disappointed [that] Governor Evers continues to put outside special interests before his northern constituency," she said. "Our district does not want this order."

State Senator Steve Nass, R-Whitewater, issued a statement saying that there are "growing indications" from education sources that Evers will use his latest emergency health order to prohibit all schools - public and private - from starting the new school year with in-person classes "to achieve another political objective for their allies in certain Wisconsin teachers' unions," Nass said.

He wants Repoublican lawmakers in both houses to vote to overturn the governor's order issued late last week.

~ Sources: Offices of Sen. Nass, Sen. Smith, Rep. Felzkowski


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