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B.C. Sheriff offers 'stay home' guidance

The Brillion News

BELLEVUE - The Brown County Sheriff's Department issued a statement this afternoon (Tuesday, March 24) about enforcement of restrictions in the "Safer At Home" order issued by the state Department of Health Service under orders from Governor Tony Evers.

"We are seeking voluntary compliance from both citizens and businesses alike to use

common sense on what activities and travel they are engaging in. Is the activity essential

(food/medication/healthcare)? Then please respect social distancing while doing essential duties. Take advantage of pick up and drive thru services when available," the statement from the sheriff's department said.

It noted that citizens are not restricted to be inside their homes 24/7.

"You are allowed and encouraged to go outside, take a walk/run, play with your children, exercise your dog, etc. just be sure to remain in your own space and respect personal distancing. You should NOT be taking your children to the playground to play with other children nor scheduling play dates and visiting others’ homes."

The Sheriff’s Office said it would not be putting check points in place, but those refusing

compliance with the Governor’s order may be referred to the District Attorney’s Office for

possible charges.


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