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Brillion Chamber of Commerce still growing

Jan. 2, 2020

By David Nordby

The Brillion News

BRILLION – In April 2018, Brillion Chamber of Commerce members sat in the house in Green Bay near Lambeau Field owned by Bob and Pat Endries to discuss how to revamp the chamber in a strategic planning session.

“I think what we really took away from that is that the chamber over the past years had kind of lost its value to our local businesses. We were brainstorming for ways on how we could bring value back in baby steps,” Chamber President Amy Myers said.

The chamber’s money primarily comes from membership and a little from events.

“My big thing is polishing ourselves up to look professional … Let’s start polishing up our events, let’s polish up our marketing things and show people we are professional and we mean business,” Myers said.

The chamber’s website has been updated, they’ve increased social media presence, and partnered with the Manitowoc Chamber on savings cards that can be used at area businesses. All chamber business employees receive the savings cards, which includes hundreds of commuters to Brillion each day.

“Just like the Chamber Bucks, they are promoting people to stay local to shop,” Myers said.

The Chamber Bucks are another item that the commerce focused on.

“We’ve revamped the Chamber Bucks design … so when you get a Chamber Buck you know exactly where to go. It has all the businesses on it,” Myers said.

Myers says that they want to hear from chamber businesses and want their ideas.

“Talk to us. Give us ideas because a chamber is really only as good as its members,” Myers said.

The complete story is featured in the Jan. 2, 2020 edition of The Brillion News.


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