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Brown County urges use of internet communication

The Brillion News

  1. Release Date:March 15, 2020Media Contact:Deputy Executive Jeff Flynt(920) 448-4083

As of now, Brown County government will remain open. However, the county is asking people to consider whether they actually need to physically visit County facilities in order to accomplish their business.

There are several alternative methods to virtually connect with Brown County departments that will enable business to get accomplished in a timely manner, while helping to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

First, go to Brown County’s web site ( If you are unable to find what you are looking for on the web site, please call the department you wish to contact as they may be able to assist you either over the phone or by email. They can also schedule a time with you in advance in order to better suit your needs.

This notice does not pertain to the Brown County Courthouse or the Circuit Court System. If you have questions or business with these entities, please contact the appropriate number using this guide (

Brown County reminds everyone that if you are coughing or sick, or otherwise exhibiting symptoms, please remain home and do not come to county facilities. In addition, we encourage the practice of social distancing.

That means avoiding ‘close contact’ with people who are sick – ‘close contact’ means coming within six feet of an individual. State and local officials based on CDC and DHS guidance, as well as the scope of the outbreak will guide our decisions about the implementation of additional community measures.


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