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Crops be lookin' good out there

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MADISON - The USDA Crop Progress Report for Wisconsin, for the week that ended on Sunday, August 30, was a favorable one.

Daytime highs were just above or below 90 early last week, then cooled into the mid 70s late in the week.

But the good news was this: Rain was much needed and it showed up in many areas. Those ares without any rain last week showed that dry conditions got worse.

Top soil moisture was 65 percent adequate and 19 percent short.

Corn at or beyond dough stage was 88 percent, four weeks ahead of 2019 and 11 days ahead of the five year average.

Soybeans setting pods were at 96 percent, four weeks ahead of last year and eight days ahead of average.

The oat harvest was 94 percent complete. For potatoes, the harvest was 28 percent complete - 10 days ahead of last year, with crop condition 89 percent good to excellent.

The third cutting of alfalfa was 92 percent complete, fourth cutting 22 percent complete.

The most significant rainfall was in an area 50 miles on either side of a line roughly from Sheboygan to Eau Claire. The driest area was south of Madison.


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