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Endries unveil plan for downtown Brillion

June 6, 2024


By David Nordby

The Brillion News

Please see the June 6, 2024 print edition of The Brillion News for the complete article.


BRILLION – Bob and Pat Endries revealed their vision for a revamped downtown to the Brillion Plan Commission on Monday night. 

“I think this could be the start of a renewal of downtown Brillion,” Bob Endries said.

The developments around the City Center building area would be fully funded by the Endries with no cost to the city. The list of things planned include:  

  • Close Center Street from Main to Custer streets

  • Extend Jackson Street to Center Street

  • Purchase Holy Family Playground and create a dog park

  • Ice skating and roller rink area

  • Open Main Street from the torn down Sittman property to the Brillion Community Center for access and parking

  • Possible home purchase on Main Street to create more space there

  • Close parking east of the Brillion Community Center

  • A memorial in the Brillion Community Center area

  • A sports area that could include space for indoor and outdoor pickleball, bocce ball, shuffleboard, horseshoe, cornhole, basketball, volleyball and soccer.

“This would be totally funded. We’re not going to be asking the city or anybody else,” Endries emphasized. “It would be funded with a gift to the city.”

The Endries have spoken with others who would assist with the direction of the project.



Garcia Adrian
Garcia Adrian
a day ago

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Kevin Reynolds
Kevin Reynolds
4 days ago

This plan may be all well and good, but has there been any meaningful progress on the repaving of Hiawatha circle ? I know of none !


I will miss the old downtown Brillion It's bad enough That the Sandman Motel, a place where my wife an I spent out honeymoon, is gone. I still have the the free windshiled ice scrapper, and the complementry fly swatter that hung on the back of ech room door in that magical place. But things have to change. So I will miss the sun setting over the downtown Brillion I have come to love. I still miss Mom's diner, and the fertilizer speed bumps. ut time marches on. Good luck with your plans.


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han gu
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