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FBI arrests trio in Manitowoc County murder attempt

Posted at high noon on May 25, 2017

The Brillion News

MANITOWOC – The Federal Bureau of Investigation has arrested three male suspects in the attempted murder of a 57-year old man in late April.

Arrested on May 12 by the Chicago office of the FBI were Marnie Ferry, 28, Christopher Calalang, 28, and Christian Calalang, 34. All three were expected to appear in Manitowoc County Circuit Court on Thursday, May 25.

Ferry is from Skokie, Christopher Calalang is from Des Plaines and Christian is from Palatine – all in the suburban metro Chicago area of Illinois.

The case began on April 25, shortly after midnight, when Manitowoc County sheriff’s deputies responded to a home in the Town of Newton, where a man came to the door with serious injuries to his head and body.

The victim told officers he was taken from Chicago against his will and brought to the Manitowoc area, where he was beaten, thrown in a ditch and left. He managed to get to a nearly home and asked for help. He was taken to a local hospital for ambulance.

Because the man was taken across state lines as a part of the crime, making it a federal offense, the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department contacted the FBI and worked with federal agents from Green Bay and Chicago. Investigators identified the three suspects and they were taken into custody of May 12 in Chicago. The three were transported to Manitowoc and lodged in the county jail, according to Inspector Gregg Schetter.

They were expected to be charged with felony false imprisonment and attempted first-degree intentional homicide.


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