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‘Fishing lure’ scam caught unsuspecting investors

Posted at 11:30 a.m. on May 24, 2018

The Brillion News

SHAWANO – The Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) arrested and filed criminal charges against Andrew J. Reyment of Cecil, Wis., alleging that the defendant embezzled approximately $350,000 from investors.

Reyment was charged with seven counts of embezzlement and is accused of a theft scheme in which he allegedly made false representations to investors about his fishing lure company and then illegally and without consent, converted the investor funds for his own personal use.

The Shawano County Sheriff’s Office assisted DOJ Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) agents with the arrest of Reyment in Shawano on May 23, and he was transferred to Brown County Jail on May 24, where he is being charged with the crimes.

The criminal complaint alleges Reyment posted on multiple social media sites that he was seeking investors for his corporation, Screamline Lures.

As a result of the posts, several individuals responded to Reyment, and based upon false representations, they ultimately invested in Screamline Lures. Reyment, illegally and without consent, then converted the investor funds for his own personal use.

The victim investors, located in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Italy, were interviewed by DCI special agents. During the course of the investigation, special agents found that Reyment had made several false representations to investors and then embezzled their money.

A defendant in a criminal case is innocent until proven guilty.

The case is being prosecuted by DOJ Criminal Litigation Unit Assistant Attorney General Rich Chiapete.


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