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GB Diocese OKS cautious public worship

The Brillion News

GREEN BAY - The Green Bay Catholic Diocese on Tuesday, June 2, issued guidelines for the public celebration of Mass in churches, beginning the weekend of June 13 and 14.

The diocese said the Sunday Obligation of Catholics to attend Mass has not been restored, but those who are not sick or frail are encouraged to return to the public celebrations.

Communion will continue to be delivered to people, at their request, if they are ill or otherwise are not ready to return to public worship.

Masks are encouraged for all worshipers in attendance and churches are expected to allow worshipers up to 25 percent of church capacity.

Other points in the guidance:

  • Physical distancing is expected, with ushers encouraging it.

  • A musician and cantor are suggested, but not a choir.

  • Exchanging a "sign of peace" handshake is omitted.

  • Only the consecrated bread may be distributed; placed in the hand of a recipient is preferred.


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