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Lawmaker says Milwaukee schools got unfair allocation of COVID relief money

Posted at 12 noon on February 25, 2021

The Brillion News

MADISON - A Delafield state representative called "foul" after learning that the allocation of federal COVID-129 relief funds to school heavily favored the Milwaukee Public Schools over other school districts.

State Representative Cindi Duchow, a Republican, said the Milwaukee Public Schools received COVID relief funds that amounted to $4,100 per student, while the rural Kettle Moraine School District received only $96 per student.

Duchow accused the Evers administration of favoring urban districts over rural ones.

"The disparities in the amount of funding received by school districts statewide to fight COVID-19 are inexcusable," Duchow said. "There is no reason why most of Wisconsin's school districts are left with scraps, while MPS continues to receive the bulk of K-12 funding in this state."

She also said that the districts offering in-person schooling in the pandemic are getting short shrift and instead should be favored in allocation of extra dollars.


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