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Midwest state lawmakers: Give us Big 10 football

The Brillion News

Republican legislative leaders six states, including Wisconsin, sent a letter to Big 10 Conference Commissioner Kevin Warren, asking the conference to reverse its decision shutting down the fall intercollegiate sports season.

Singatures on the letter included those of Wisconsin Assembly Spaker Robin Vos and state Senator Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald.

The other lawmakers signing the letter were from Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

"After hearing from many concerned students, parents and coaches, we have been encouraged to convey our suppport for their wishes and our responsibility to defend the students' long-term academic snad career interests," the letter said.

The letter noted that other major college sports conferences found a way to go forward with their fall sports seasons, putting athletes in the Big 10 at a disadvantage.

The letter also said that the Big 10 schools had done a great job of making safe preparations for fall sports, before the rug was pulled out from under them.


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