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MIX Nutrition is “healthy fast food” in Reedsville

By David Nordby

The Brillion News

Aug. 27, 2020

REEDSVILLE – Opening a new beverage and snack location during COVID-19 might not sound ideal, but the pandemic has not slowed down MIX Nutrition in Reedsville since it opened March 27.

“Right in the middle of COVID … (It’s gone) really, really well. For a small community like we have of only 1,200 people, we are pleasantly surprised with how many people actually come visit us and we have our regulars who come every single day,” MIX Nutrition owner Sheena Glasow said.

For the regulars, Glasow and the other workers at MIX can have their orders ready and know what time they will come. She says they also have others come from as far as New London.

“We are a health and nutrition type of fast food,” Glasow said.

The location at 508 Manitowoc Street is the former home of hair salons in Reedsville. Eight weeks of renovations were necessary to be turned into MIX.

The products sold at MIX come from a corporation that develops and sells them to retail locations. Glasow had sold products out of her home for nearly five years, but an accessible club to the community excited her.

“We offer things like meal replacement shakes, energizing and hydrating teas, and protein and energy flavored coffee, as well as grab and go snacks,” Glasow said.

Glasow says she has lost 45 pounds on the products at MIX. Her favorite products are the tea products.

Teas at MIX are often referred to as ‘mixers’ or ‘mega-mixers,’ which is where Glasow came up with the name for the nutrition club.

“We just thought it was fun,” Glasow said.

There is seating available inside, but Glasow says a lot of customers ‘grab-and-go.’

“People are busy and they have busy workdays and they have things after work or school for their kids and they’re running around like crazy, so we’re just excited to offer a grab-and-go option,” Glasow said.

Please see the complete story in the Aug. 27, 2020 edition of The Brillion News.


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