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Muslims quit at Ariens over prayer time

The Brillion News

BRILLION – A concern over prayer during work hours at the Ariens Company in Brillion came to a conclusion on Thursday, January 14.

Corporate spokeswoman Ann Stilp released a short statement about the situation, which involved a group of about 40 employees that the company described as “Somalis and/or employees of Muslim faith working here.”

Stilp said Ariens had been allowing them to take paid time to pray during work hours, in addition to breaks scheduled for all employees. The company said that was disrupting production, and was unfair to non-Islamic employees.

Ariens made a decision to ask employees to pray only during scheduled breaks, and told Muslim employees on Thursday. Stilp said most of them quit after Ariens announced its decision.

Some did not resign and no one was fired. Stilp said those who left could return to work under the conditions outlined by the company on Thursday.

This is a developing story. A complete report will appear in the January 21 print edition of The Brillion News.



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