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Pielhop pushes for BCC plan

July 6, 2017

By David Nordby The Brillion News

BRILLION – Sarah Pielhop used the citizen’s input time at last week’s Brillion Committee of the Whole meeting to ask for $10,000 from the city council that could potentially be used for a plan going forward for the Brillion Community Center.

Pielhop’s push for a plan, as well as precor workout equipment like what Brillion High School uses, tied in with the council’s vote on moving the polling area to the assembly room instead of the first-floor backroom. That decision was approved on a 5-2 vote and will officially happen following the state’s approval to move the polling area.

Joe Levash and Betty Nies were the two voters who did not approve of the polling move. Pielhop, and some of her fellow members of the parks and recreation committee, want to see the gym equipment be moved from upstairs down to the first-floor room.

“There’s a big push right now for being healthy,” Pielhop said. Local companies have been supportive of the Brillion Community Center, and Pielhop wants to use the community center to raise money for the city.

“We have to create more revenue,” Pielhop said. The parks and rec committee cannot fundraise for the center. “You have to be creative in how you raise money.”

The Brillion Community Center is now an official member of the Silver Sneakers Program, which is part of the reason for the increase of people at the center. Ann Marx, the center’s director, applied for the program three years ago and was approved this year.

“[Ann’s] been awesome at getting it,” Pielhop said. “The BCC is now making money every month that they weren’t making last year.”

The program applies to people 65 years and older with qualifying insurance who can get discounted memberships. The program writes a check directly to the community center each month.

There are now lines to use the equipment which is part of why Pielhop hopes more equipment is added. The first-floor room is also handicap accessible.

Levash told the council that he has a hard time approving of any moves that could harm the other two fitness centers – Self Image Fitness Center and Community Fitness – in Brillion. Vicki Shafran agreed with Pielhop that the community center serves a different demographic.

Nies brought up that the city needs to use money to fix roads and additional infrastructure needs that are long overdue. Pielhop wants to use the potential money from the center’s revenue for those needs.

“Betty Nies has a very valid point,” Pielhop said. “We need to create revenue that all goes in the general funds to fix the roads and fix the things that need to be fixed.”

The backroom is currently used for dance, tai chi and tae kwon do classes.

Please see the complete story in the July 6, 2017 edition of The Brillion News. 



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