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Quick setup modular hospitals made here

Designed for rapid deployment to meet pandemic need

The Brillion News

APPLETON - A critical care solution to the shortage of hospital beds due to the coronavirus pandemic is being introduced by leaders in the healthcare construction market.

The STAAT MOD™ (Strategic, Temporary, Acuity-Adaptable Treatment) is a prefabricated modular solution designed by HGA, a national multidisciplinary design firm based in Minnesota and is being constructed by The Boldt Company, of Appleton, Wisconsin, for immediate distribution nationwide.

It can be deployed in diverse environments from convention centers to free-standing hospital expansions. A focus of these units is the safety of healthcare workers treating patients with COVID-19.

HGA and The Boldt Company have partnered with Tweet/Garot of Wrightstown and De Pere (Wisconsin), Faith Technologies of Menasha (Wisconsin), and IMEG Engineering to provide the STAAT Mod solution, which is available now and can be configured for the following applications:

§ A two-room isolation unit designed for use in an interior shelter, such as in a convention center. This unit can be rapidly deployed from the point of order.

§ An eight-bed unit of critical care isolation rooms consisting of four two-bed modules designed to connect to a hospital or existing structure.

§ A 12-bed unit of negative-pressure open-bays consisting of four three-bed open bays modules connected to the central support spine. An infinite number of additional self-sustaining tiers can be added.

Multiple independent modules can connect to each other or to a hospital with segregated spaces for patient care and healthcare workers. The units allow additional capacity to be added or re-deployed to sites where the need is greater. The STAAT Mod provides one of the only temporary care units that can be deployed quickly and provide hospital-level care to patients suffering from coronavirus. STAAT Mod product features include:

§ Design developed and tested through Virtual Reality (VR) simulation exercises by experts, including critical care nurses trained in COVID-19 protocols, a hospital environment specialist in infection control, and Lean process engineers for rapid construction and delivery

§ Hospital-level clinical care for infection control, patient isolation, access to life-saving technology and isolation rooms if needed for extended periods of time

§ Safety provisions for healthcare workers through standardized design, centrally located supplies, and segregated staff workspaces

§ Pre-fabrication for speed, quality, and safety for contractors

§ Costs significantly less than conventional construction

The CDC recommends Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms (AIIRs) for patients with infectious disease as coronavirus is spread via respiratory droplets or from droplet contact on surfaces. To create environments that extend hospital-level care, the STAAT Mod meets CDC guidelines to provide immediate critical care to coronavirus patients. HGA is a leader in design for the healthcare market, with a portfolio including some of the nation’s most significant and complex hospital projects. The design of the STAAT Mod is based on clinical protocol in dealing with infectious diseases. Boldt is prefabricating the structures in a secure, safe environment designed to build and rapidly deploy ward modules, support structures, and infrastructure. Boldt is headquartered in Appleton and has 14 offices nationwide.

Tweet/Garot has corporate offices in De Pere and a manufacturing facility in Wrightstown.


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